Usage and maintenance

Usage and maintenance



Personal preference plays a major role in choosing a knife. Our product pages provide product descriptions that give you a better idea of what the knife is meant for. After careful examination it will be easier to make the decision of which knife to buy for yourself or as a gift to a friend. Naturally, we at Roselli wish to help you in choosing the right product, and the same goes for our partners who resell our products.


Blade engraving is available for all our products. The engravings are made by hand using a diamond drill.


The H Roselli products are made for everyday use and even the best of tools require maintenance from time to time. We provide a complete knife maintenance service that includes checking and servicing the blade, handle, and sheath. You can send us your product or bring it to our shop.


It is recommended that after using the knife, the blade are dried, and lightly oil it from time to time.


The H Roselli products are manufactured to withstand demanding conditions, and that is why we provide all our products with a five-year guarantee regarding any materials and manufacturing defects.



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