Small Leuku in a gift box

Small Leuku in a gift box

Product no.: R151P

The Small Leuku is made from forged carbon steel and while smaller and lighter than its bigger brother, it is still suited for forestry work. As a striking tool, the Small Leuku resembles a billhook or an axe but also works well as a knife. The size and one's own preference are the main factors in choosing between the Small and the Big Leuku. The handle is made from birch, coated with linseed oil to ensure a firm grip even when wet. The Small Leuku comes in a handcrafted sheath made from tanned leather. This gift edition also includes a sharpening tool.


Product Note Price
One-sided diamond sharpener One-sided diamond sharpener
18.00 €
Double-sided diamond sharpener Double-sided diamond sharpener
27.00 €
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Delivery weight: 373 g

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