Small chef

Small chef

Product no.: R700

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Average rating: 3.8
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didn't arrive as sharp as fi expectex
from on 19/01/2019
Not fit for purpose
from on 15/11/2017
- well made
- blade is too wide, profile is unsuitable for kitchen work.
- not big enough to be used as a cleaver

I had high hopes for this knife, but it just doesn't cut it as a cooks knife.
Toimivaa laatua
from on 17/10/2016
Erittäin hyvin käteen sopiva ja toimiva moneen erilaiseen leikkaamiseen. On hyvännäköinen kaiken lisäksi. Pöytäteline on näppärä lisä, jonka ansiosta veitsi pysyy käden ulottuvilla. Todellakin hankinnan arvoinen.
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Sharpening stone Sharpening stone
12.00 €
Sharpening stone in a leather case Sharpening stone in a leather case
23.00 €
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