The story of H Roselli

The story of H Roselli



Early on as a child, Heimo Roselli became familiar with different kinds of tools as there were no services available and one had to do everything oneself at the home farm. Heimo was only about ten years old when he made his first knife.


Later, as a young man, Heimo wanted to make himself a knife that he would feel comfortable working with. At first Heimo designed and made knives for his own and his friends’ needs. Gradually he became known as a skilled blacksmith in the village of Harmoinen in Kuhmoinen, Finland. As work became increasingly difficult to come by, he considered making a living out of knife manufacture using only his own unique designs. Since 1976, Heimo has been “living on the edge” as an entrepreneur and maker of knives of his own design.


As his brand became better known, a demand for other products arose. The fact that a number of edge tools, utensils, and other articles have also been ordered for various plays, movies, and TV shows - among these, a movie about the Cudgel War (”Nuijasota” in Finnish) - speak highly of Heimo’s skills as a professional blacksmith.


He hasn’t lost interest in learning new things and in constant product development even after all these years. Heimo never settled with the idea of everything worthwhile already being invented - he wished to continue innovating and developing new things, all the while drawing inspiration from certain historical milestones.


In 1985, Heimo came across an interesting study by Stanford University. The study involved describing methods that dated back more than 2,000 years and enabled making factory-produced steels much more durable than the modern varieties. One of the most common names for these old, durable steel grades is ”WOOTZ”. Heimo concluded that since this age-old grade of steel was “birthed” by blacksmiths, so it was similarly his duty to acquire this skill via a “hands-on” process. After fifteen years of experimenting the results were impressive, and this particular grade of steel finally entered into industrial production with the help of a top researcher in the field. Nowadays it’s called ”UHC (Ultra High Carbon) WOOTZ” - a steel grade completely different from the rest. The present-day UHC steel by H Roselli is a non-alloy, ultra-high carbon steel. Its achievable hardness is 68 HRC. The ultimate tensile strength is 2500N/mm2. Combinations of corresponding hardness had not been previously detected, and the steel also had remarkable dynamic ductility. Optical equipment is unable to detect any grain boundaries in the steel, which enables excellent characteristics.


The special qualities of this steel are particularly evident in the incisiveness of the cutting blades and its resistance to wear - these features make it much better and of more uniform quality compared with its ancient predecessor.


That is why the “H Roselli UHC WOOTZ” knives are now known specifically as precision-forged, carbon steel instruments that maintain their durability and sharpness well.


For decades, the H Roselli products have been favoured by hunters, fishermen, and outdoors enthusiasts in particular. The ”UHC WOOTZ” knives have found their way to highly demanding conditions, such as crocodile hunting, where blade quality is crucial.


Thus the H Roselli business idea is this: ”Providing the most practical and high-quality, hand-made Finnish knives, blades, and axes on the market for both outdoors and home use”. The ”UHC WOOTZ” steel developed by Heimo has received interest all around the world. Cooperation with the Karhula steel foundry enables applying UHC steel to the various needs of the industry.


H Roselli product selection has been expanded to cover knives for a multitude of purposes, kitchen knives, and axes. The key idea has been to find the best methods and tools from different cultures. Some examples of these are the Japanese and Chinese chef’s knives, the Eskimo Chef blade, and the hatchet. This way the characteristics achieved via experience can be utilised, reinforced with higher-grade steel.


Although the H Roselli products are best known to suit their intended use perfectly, the selection also offers beauty and extravagance. The beauty of the products also shows in the natural materials and the domestic handiwork.


The H Roselli factory still operates in Finland, in the Harmoinen village in Kuhmoinen, where dozens of different products are manufactured today and exported to more than 20 different countries. A factory outlet, maintenance shop, and warranty services also operate under the factory’s roof. All working phases for the H Roselli products are done from start to finish in Finland, and are certified with the ”Key Flag Symbol” issued by the Association for Finnish Work.


H Roselli knives have won several awards and gained popularity and praise across the globe. Their manufacturing methods have attracted visitors from abroad too. It has been said that once you try an ”H Roselli” knife, there’s no going back.


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