Iso Leuku

Iso Leuku

Tuotenro: R150
Toimituksen paino: 475 g

Asiakasarviot: Iso Leuku

Arvioiden lukumäärä: 6
Arvioiden keskiarvo: 4,3
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great knife (big and good!), great value for the money and beautifull handle wood and leather sheath
käyttäjältä päiväys: 13.8.2019
I tried it to split wood and for garden work. Great!
käyttäjältä päiväys: 16.1.2019
Just got it. Cant wait to really use it for real... lol.

Tried it at home for batonning, and other things.

Dont worry, dont hesitate,GET ONE !


Saint-Paul, Québec.
käyttäjältä päiväys: 28.3.2018
I have found exactly what I wanted. Enough but not too long, good heavy leuku, well suitable both for chopping and certain cutting.

However, declared blade length on the shop site does correspond to the real one. It measures 190 mm instead of declared 195 mm. It is not a problem for me but I believe that information provided should be correct.
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